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Russia is a country that stretches over eastern Europe and northern Asia. It has a has a population of over 147 million people. According to data from Trade Data Pro, Russia exported nearly $45 billion USD and imported around $23 billion USD. By using Trade Data Pro you will be able to access Russia Trade Economy on our platform.

Trade Data Pro collects the import and export customs data of Russia, and Russia bill of lading data from Customs Departments, Port Authority, Shipping & Logistics Company, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and reliable public data sources. Trade Data Pro aims to collect all import, export, customs and shipping data which is available in Russia and showcase this data onto our search engine online platform. The Trade Data Pro platform performs big-data analysis from the import and export data which is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other documents required for importing & exporting across international borders.

On Trade Data Pro platform, we aim to clean and verify the raw data by checking CIC's trade database experts. Removing duplicates and error data. After the entire data processing, Trade Data Pro will deliver Vietnam customs data to clients with an unlimited search engine data platform. Trade Data Pro has the latest data which has been released on the market ever since 2014 and detailed Customs data until 2022.

- Russia Mirror Data
- Russia Customs Data
- Russia Shipping Data
- Russia Port Trading Data
- Russia Importers Database
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- Full HS Code and Trading Details

Russia is an ideal trade import and export hub for foreign companies with operations throughout Europe and Asia, as it is strategically located. With customs data, export data and import data of Russia importers and exporters, you will be able to connect with Russia business owners and grow your business in Russia using Trade Data Pro.

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